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Definition: a reader’s thoughts scribbled in the margins of a book or article.

Or in my case, an example of my brain going down the internet rabbit hole.

When I was creating the website for Waxwing Labs, I knew I wanted it to include a blog. But, just like everybody says their fabrics are the best, everybody calls their blog ... well, a blog. Or at best, “stories,” or “journal,” both of which are a bit cliché and boring. So I went to in search of synonyms (my favorite procrastination writing tool), and went down the rabbit hole until I discovered a new word, “marginalia.”

First of all, I like learning new words, and it sounds kinda fancy. But most importantly, it describes perfectly what this blog will be – my notes, commentary, and insights on Waxwing Labs behind-the-scenes. If Waxwing Labs were a book, then this blog is its marginalia.

It's really how I approach Waxwing Labs. I love learning everything I can about a new subject and getting into the nitty-gritty and technical. I expect more than just the status quo, and if I go down a million rabbit holes to get there, it’s not in vain – those tidbits are stored away to spark a new idea down the road (...or plenty of blog posts).

We started this company to have an exceptionally high quality - from the fabrics to the products and everything in between, and we’ve obsessively researched every aspect to make it so. Over time I hope readers come to understand that isn't just another generic marketing claim. We will tell the story of exactly how every product, decision, and process is made, so you can learn for yourself. We offer swatches of the fabric, so you can feel and see for yourself. And should we fall short of your expectations, we would love to hear it, so that we may learn from you as well.

And so, welcome to the Marginalia of Waxwing Labs.

P.S. for further marginalia reading, the New Yorker’s Marginal Obsession with Marginalia is spellbinding (yeah, I thesaurus-ed that :) ).